Surface Problems


Devotion: 1 Corinthians 14:40

Unless you are a meticulous housekeeper; many of us struggle with a surface problem.  In other words, at any given time you find “stuff” gathering on the surfaces in your home; the coffee table, the end tables, your desk, the kitchen counter tops, and bedroom dressers as well.

Piles and piles of “stuff,” find their homes in misappropriate places. The surface of our homes can become cluttered and out of control.  Rather than allowing things to land a few yards away from their proper home; we need to put them in their rightful place. Instead of putting that “thing” down, put it away.  If it rests in it’s wrongful spot too long, it will then be thrown into the wrong place, just to get it out of sight.

The same is true for our spiritual lives.  We can have surface problems that cause clutter to our minds and hearts. It is God’s command, to “Let all things be done decently and in order,”  Here’s an example of a surface issue; that we allow to go deep into drawers and closets of our heart. The argument you had with your mate, friend or family member.  Resolve it.  Ask forgiveness and mean it.  It’s more than just saying “I’m sorry.” You probably shouldn’t say, “I’ll never do it again” because our soul dwells within a sinful body.

The weight of the sin of un-forgiveness, brings surface issues to our bodies. I will name a few: acid reflux, ulcers, heart palpitations, sleepless nights. It’s an outward manifestation of an inward struggle.  It becomes a vicious cycle.  What was once outward drops into your mind and heart, then is outwardly displayed through physical sickness.

When we constantly neglect the surface soul clutter; by refusing to take care of it as quickly as possible, the surface clutter navigates into the hidden places in our heart.  It has to go somewhere, so why not into the sea of forgiveness? Break the vicious cycle of surface problems.  Develop the habit of putting away the anger by asking forgiveness.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus please help me to deal with my surface problems, whether they be physical or spiritual.  I want all of my life to be done decently and in order, because I want to honor and obey You.  In Jesus Name. Amen


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