Devotion: Genesis 1:26-28

From the beginning of time, the position of men was ordained by God. Men were given authority over all; women included. I’ve heard women use the word, “Men!” at times when they were frustrated with their husband, brother, boss or any man in authority over them. There are times we don’t understand the position of a man.  We take offense at their God given authorityI

Sometimes; men make mistakes, as do women.  We all sin and fall short of the glory of God.  That’s part of the human condition. However, it does not give us an excuse to slay each other with mean, hateful words and unkind actions.

Men are called to love their wives; as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.  Women are called to submit to their husbands.  Here’s my confession.  When my husband and I were preparing for our wedding day; we went through counseling with our pastor.  He gave us a book of vows to choose from.  I didn’t like the page that said; to honor and obey, so I found one that said; “to love, trust and stand by, as long as we both shall live.” Obedience sounds so subservient, doesn’t it?  That’s kind of the idea.  We are to be their helpmate.

There are many women in competition with their husbands, their brothers, their co-laborers, and their bosses; so rather than enjoy the God given protection factor of the relationship, they just bail out altogether.  Here’s a news flash:

The role of men was God’s idea.

Women, let’s begin to look at the men in our lives, as a gift from God.  I believe life will become so much richer, fuller and more satisfying, if we will walk according to the whole counsel of God.

Encourage your husband, father, brother or boss in appropriate ways.  Do not belittle them or discourage them.  Address issues as they come up; but in a respectful way.  From the first man Adam, to the last man child born to this world, may we women do our part, to restore the honor and respect God intended for the men in our lives.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, teach women to respect and honor the men You have ordained in their lives.  May observers be impacted greatly by the way they see Christian women respecting the men You have given.  In Jesus Name. Amen






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