How May I Pray for You?


Devotion:  James 4:2 

Sitting in an examination room for a follow up doctor’s visit; I was conversing with a physician’s assistant.  When we finished our conversation, I asked her, “How may I pray for you?”  She began to cry but made the statement, “Pray however you feel led to pray.”  How could one simple question impact a person so deeply?  I knew she must have some sort of situation going on in her life, that either she didn’t have the time to get into, or it was just too painful, to discuss with a stranger.

I wondered if anyone had ever asked her that question.  I think it may be rare, even for a Christian to ask someone, “How may I pray for you?”  Even though simple, it’s a soul searching question, which can lead to an opportunity to share the gospel, or at least show some compassion, toward our fellow earthly sojourners.

We are so busy working, parenting, caring for the daily needs of our families; we hurry on by hundreds of hurting people.  We may or may not make eye contact, flash a smile, or even utter a hello, to the people whom we are passing. We can become self absorbed with our own issues and forget about the people who need our prayers.

To pray for someone, is to lift them up before the throne room of God Himself.  Jesus is at the Father’s right hand, always interceding for those He created.  It never ceases to amaze me; that the Creator of the universe wants to talk with the people He created, for His own good pleasure.  He doesn’t care if your words are lofty.  He just wants you to speak with Him from your heart.   It’s His desire to respond back to His beloved child.

When you pray for another person, you are showing the highest form of love you could ever display.  Period.  The Lord who sees and hears will answer your petitions and your requests.  You are seeking the Lord, while He is near, calling upon the only One who can help the person, for whom you are praying.  It deepens your intimacy with the Lord and increases your faith; as you display unconditional love, toward the one who has asked you to pray.

So the next time you are out shopping, dinning or even taking a walk, ask the Lord to show you whom you might ask, “How may I pray for you?”

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, show me whom I might ask, “How may I pray for you?”  Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.






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