For the Praise of Man


Devotion:  Galatians 4:12-21

We all possess an intense and powerful love for the praise of men.  If we did not know the grace of God, to overcome our pride, we would all be lost.  In order to practice true humility, we must willingly give Christ dominant control of our mind and heart. We must only boast in Him.  That my friend, is not as easy as it sounds.  In fact, it’s quite unnatural.  Human beings do not have it within themselves to think this way.  We just cannot do it!

Paul wanted Christ to be formed in the Galatians.  It’s Christ’s life formed in us, that makes us who we are.  He is always working on us, to make us more like Himself.  Depending on ourselves, strokes our human ego. I was a people pleasing addict and I still enjoy making people happy. I pray that all I do, I do for His honor and glory but I still love to hear the accolades of my family and friends from time to time.  We have the desire to be made much of, when our desire should be to make much of Jesus.  I no longer want to stroke my own ego but to solely honor and glorify the Lord my God.

What God longs to make of you; should be vastly preferred over what you can make of yourself. Why would we move away from operating in the supernatural, power of the Holy Spirit, to our own self efforts of the flesh?  When we exhort our works, we enjoy our own selfish pride in a morally acceptable way.

Prayer in Motion

Lord, I want to operate our of the faith and grace that saved me.  My it be said, “It is no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives within me.”  Jesus may I choose daily to humble myself and to live as Christ.”  In Jesus Name I ;pray.  Amen


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