Slave or Free


Devotion: 1 Corinthians 9:21, Galatians 4:12

Paul was willing to make himself like others, in order to win them to Christ.  He was a brilliant man of power and prestige,  and he hated Christians!  He had many believers mercilessly executed for their faith in Christ.  But then, he met God on the Damascus road and with the same passion and fervor he worked to demolish Christianity, he then began working to lead and disciple many into a relationship with Christ.

Every Galatian  who bought into the lie of the Judaizers “works oriented” salvation message, became a slave to it.  It was all about works rather than faith.  They urged people to depend partially on God and partially on themselves. God is an all or nothing God.  He wants all of your worship.  He wants all of you, not bits and pieces of you. You see, depending on ourselves strokes the human ego.  We have the desire to be made much of.  Christ longs for you to make much of Him.  He wants you to be free in Him, not a slave to your check list.  It’s your check list, not His.

My dear reader, in order to enjoy freedom in Christ, you must delight in God’s will.  You are freed from the burden of the law and have the ongoing supply of the Holy Spirit living inside of you.

God may be asking you to give up something you absolutely treasure in your heart. It might be painful for you to give up this thing, this relationship, this secret sin but oh my dear reader, it will be profitable to form Christ in you, the Hope of glory.

Prayer in Motion:

God, help me give up the things that hold me in bondage and celebrate Christ being formed in me.  You are my everything. Nothing I desire, compares with You.  In Jesus Name.  Amen




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