Burden Bearing


Devotion:  Galatians 6:2

I always thought this verse meant to take on the cares and weights of another person, to help him or her bear the weight of a trial or tribulation.  However; if you read the verse in context of the chapter, it means to confront someone in their sin.  If you see your brother sinning, you are obligated to go speak with him about that sin. In doing so, you fulfill the law of Christ.  In love, you are to restore him in a spirit of gentleness.

Many times; fear keeps us from confrontation.  In our minds, we begin to mull over all the “what ifs.”  What if, she “un-friends” me?  What if, he thinks I”m judging him?  What if, she will never speak to me again?  What if, I get fired, or kicked out of my circle of friends?  We can “”what if” ourselves into never confronting sin in a brother or sisters’ life.

Jesus carried the burden of our sin all the way to the cross.  We need to lay down our fears and be willing to bear the burden of risking everything; to speak gentle truth to a brother or sister in Christ.  This is the highest form of love toward someone you see going astray.   It’s what Jesus did over and over again.  He confronted, in love, but He gently confronted.  You may argue, well Jesus is God. He is without sin. That’s true, but the question to you mortal man or woman is this.  Are you willing to bear one another’s burdens?

Prayer in Motion

Lord, please give me holy boldness to proclaim the truth of righteous living to those in my sphere of influence.  May I appeal to my Higher power and not to my flesh.  I can only confront a person; if you go with me. You promised to go with me always.  I worship You alone. I trust You, not myself, not another person.  I will obey all You say do.  In Jesus Name, I offer up this prayer! Amen!



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