Our Father


Devotion: Matthew 6:9

Everyone has a Father.  I loved my daddy!  He was passionate about his job of building houses.  He was passionate about his wife and children.  He was passionate about serving in his church.  At the age of seven, he led me to Christ.  He read bed time stories to us. Like clock work; you could count on his truck rolling into the car port, at 4:30 every afternoon.  His five foot nine frame was solid as a rock.  He was oh so funny! He was always making us laugh.

To all those Fathers; who though not perfect; are there for their kids, your Heavenly Father notices your sacrificial acts of love toward your children.  He is pleased with you.

Many children have had to overcome childhood abuse by daddys who were abusive verbally, physically or both.  That is a very hard pill to swallow. It does not seem fair that some had to endure such undeserved punishment.

Fathers are necessary for life to be started.  Sadly for some children, that’s the extent of their father’s involvement in their lives.  For those of you who have this great chasm in your life, you have a heavenly Father; who longs to restore you to Himself.  He loves you with an everlasting love and underneath you are His everlasting arms.

You can come to your Abba, Daddy any time, night or day and He will hear your cries.  He is for you and not against you.  He will heal your broken places.  He is strong and will bear you up in the midst of your difficulties.  He is an amazing Father.  He gave his only begotten Son for you and He loves to hear you pour out your heart like water before His face on a daily basis.

Prayer in Motion:

Thank you Father for the great love, compassion and mercy You provide on a daily basis.  You are such a good Daddy.  I love You more and more with each passing day.  I cast all my cares upon Your strong arms and rest in the fact that You are with me all the days of my life.  I worship You in Spirit and in Truth.  In Jesus Name, Amen.




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