Beside Still Waters


Devotion:  Psalm 23:2

We had just put our canoe in the New River and floated about one half mile; when all of a sudden, we overturned it.  It had rained quite heavily during the previous week making the rapids a little more rapid.   My husband, youngest son and I were in the boat.  Now mind you, neither of us, had ever tried to steer a canoe but we had just watched the video.  It appeared to be so simple.  I had the romantic visual of gentle waters barely moving us along with our oars in hand, guiding us safely to our destination.  We had brought food for a leisurely picnic that was to occur half way through the trip.

Just put your paddle in the water and oar it in the direction you want to go. Right?  Wrong!   Apparently we were pushing when we should have been pulling?  Maybe.  I’m not sure what went wrong but we were not in control of that canoe. We rode several hundred yards backwards.  The water was in control of our canoe.  We proceeded to sink our manually operated vessel.  I was crying out for Jesus to save us.  Now we were only in knee deep water.  I hear you laughing!  The current was super strong and I felt we were going to be pulled under.  The rapids even though not deep; were very strong and I felt we were going to drown. Our canoeing experience came quickly to an end, as did our romantic lunch.

Sheep will not drink beside raging waters.  The water must be still, in order for him to take a drink.  If he were to fall into raging waters, of course he would drown very quickly.  It’s the same with us.  When our lives are storm tossed and the water is raging all around us, we forget to drink deeply from the Living Water. Still, quiet waters are essential to drinking deeply from the Living Water.  It’s the only way to peaceful days and nights, when your heart is troubled within you.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I choose to quiet my soul beside Your still waters.  You are restoring my soul on a daily basis.  I come to You and drink deeply of Your Spirit.  More of You; means less of my own troubled spirit.  I thank You for loving me always, from now to eternity.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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