Valley of the Shadow


Devotion:  Psalm 23:4

I remember when my mom was hanging in the balance of earth and heaven.  I did not want her to go.  I wanted her to stay here, on earth.  I, along with others, stormed heaven’s gates asking, believing and hoping for a miracle.  Cancer had metastasized through her whole body. Nurses were afraid to turn her in the bed, for fear of breaking her bones.  I overheard the third shift nurse say,  “The woman in room 439; she’s given up hope. Made me so mad.  My mom was not a person to “give up.”  She was a fighter.   The life was being stolen from her; by a dread disease, over which she had no control.

Here’s the thing.  For believers, death is just a shadow, looming in a valley.  It’s more like a birth than a death.  It may be a painful process but we will be delivered into our eternal home; finally whole, never to be sick again.  We will behold our Jesus face to face and glorify Him with the angels in heaven.  What a day that will be!  I truly can only imagine.

Shadows can loom large, depending upon the time of day and the position of the sun.  Shadows may cause a degree of fear but they cannot hurt you.  They may cloud over your perception of reality but again, they cannot bring harm or injury to the person standing under it.

There is One Shadow for which we can be grateful.  In Psalm 17:8 David asked the Lord to keep him as the apple of His eye and to hide him in the shadow of His wings.  If you are underneath the shadow of the Lord Himself; there’s no safer place to be.

Prayer in Motion:

That is my prayer for you dear one, that you will know that you are the apple of HIs eye and you are hidden in the shadow of His wings.  I pray that you will know this is true in your life and it will be true in your time of passing, from this world, to your heavenly home.  In Jesus Name. Amen



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