You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello


Devotion: Acts 20:36-38

The phone rang and I heard familiar laughter on the other end. Over the course of thirty some years, I have laughed many times with my long time friend and mentor, Kay.   I asked,  “What are you laughing about?  I heard the words,  “I just called to say goodbye.”  I said No, No, No!  Please don’t go! You can’t leave yet!  I’m coming to Florida, to visit you in just a little more than a week.

Kay was in the ER.  She’s been battling cancer and had developed pneumonia within the past couple of weeks.  She and I have always been able to talk about “the elephant in the room.”  Our hearts trust each other with everything.  She has always proclaimed truth to this sister in Christ.  She is one of my “Jonathan” friends; like David and Jonathan in the Bible.

She was given antibiotic I.V.s and sent home.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  The warped side of my brain recalled the old Beatles song, “You say goodbye, I say hello.”  It was almost midnight when I  e-mailed her those words, just to make her laugh.

I know the day will come, when I must say goodbye to Kay. Selfishly; I want to hear her voice and visit her as long as I can. Who knows?  I could certainly go before her.  God ordained our births and only He knows the length of the days, He has ordained for us.

Stay in touch with the family and friends God has placed in your life.  Pray for them and with them.  Love on them, while it is yet today.  Don’t make it so long between your goodbyes and hellos.

Prayer in Motion:

Thank You Lord for the precious family and friends You have ordained for my life.  Because of You, our goodbyes are relatively short; compared to eternity in heaven.  At some point we all have to say good-bye but at the right time; we will get to say hello, hello.


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