Numbering Our Days


Devotion: Psalm 90:12

Perched on a tree limb, a tiny little hummingbird was pruning himself, outside my living room window.  I began to wonder how long hummingbirds live.  I googled it and discovered; nine years is the longest a hummingbird could possibly live. That equals seventeen migrations.  The hummingbird flies thousands of miles in his lifetime. I can only imagine how many times his little wings flap to make his journeys to and fro.

According to the Bible; the average life span of a man is seventy years.  I’ve also heard it said; that in today’s world; sixty is the new forty.  God has ordained your birth and your death.  He knew your days before there was one of them.  Ecclesiastes says, You have an appointed time to be born and an appointed time to die.  Only God knows the specific date; so we should live each day to the fullest.

Although we should not be consumed with our death-date, we should be concerned about how we do life on a daily basis.  If the Lord told us to number our days; then He expects us to live them in a trustworthy manner.  If He entrusted us with a certain amount of time; we need to be good stewards of the days He ordained for us.

Instead of counting your days; make each day count.  Do everything as unto the Lord.  Enjoy your earthly journey with the Lord. Choose wisely your friends, your ministries and your activities. There are so many good choices; however, God wants what’s best for you until your spirit takes flight to heaven.

Prayer in Motion:

Thank you Lord for ordaining my days.  Teach me to number them according to Your will and plan.  May I accomplish the purpose for which You created me to accomplish.  I love You Lord.  In Jesus Name






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