Burden For The Lost


Devotion: Romans 9:1-5

Crushing; is the only way to describe the weight of the burden you carry, for your lost loved ones.  I remember praying this prayer;  “Lord, I would give my life for this one, if he would come to Christ.”  Jesus gently reminded me; “I already did that.”  Needless to say, I never prayed that prayer again.

How do we continue to watch and pray for those we desperately long to know our Jesus?    Paul said he had great sorrow and continual grief in his heart, wishing he could himself be accursed from Christ, for his brethren. There are many of you who bear continual grief for your lost loved ones.  As amazing as Paul was, he was fully man and not without sin.  God’s only Son, Jesus, was the only One; who could satisfy the wrath of God for our sin.

We are responsible to tell “our people” the truth of the gospel. We pray God’s Word over them, do acts of kindness for them, love them enough to speak truth, without condemnation.  One of the character traits of God is long suffering.  He is patient with the men He created; for He does not wish that any should perish without Him.  He loves your people, even more than you.

Bring those precious lost souls, to the Burden Bearer, on a daily basis.  His strength is unfailing.  He who hears the cry of your heart, is working in ways you cannot imagine.  Bring them to Jesus. Never give up, never give out, pouring out your heart like water before the face of the Lord.  He who is able; will accomplish what concerns you, and those for whom you are praying.

Prayer in Motion:

One more time Lord, I come to You, beseeching You, because of Your mercies that are new every morning.  You are faithful, Oh God.  I bring my people before a trustworthy God, who is faithful to bear my burdens.  Thank You God, for loving the people You created with a steadfast love.  I trust You with his/her soul and ask You to draw him/her to salvation.  In Jesus Name I offer up this prayer.  Amen



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