Rich but Lacking


Devotion:  Luke 18:22-23

This man had all the world could offer him.  He was well fed, had a nice house, the best clothes, all the material wealth one could ever want. He was a rich man.  Jesus said to him, “You still lack one thing.”   The poor were envious of all his wealth and the security that comes with it.  He seemed to have everything his heart desired.  The man must have been thinking; “Lack; what lack?”

When Jesus said, “Go sell all you have and give to the poor,”  the rich man hung his head, as he held tightly to his earthly possessions.  Refusing to release his possessions; into the hands of the One who had provided all his earthly treasures, revealed his selfish character. Little did He realize, His possessions possessed him.

Let us examine our hearts today and ask; “What one thing do we still lack?”  Could we sell all that we have and distribute the funds to the poor?  Do we hold to our “stuff” lightly or tightly? Look around at what you own; right now, even the sentimental things, sitting right before your eyes.  If God asked you to sell it all and give it to the poor; could you?  Would you be willing to trust God at this level, if your Lord asked?

Oh dear reader, I pray we could and would.  All things belong to our Lord. Every last possession belongs to Him.  He who created you and gave you all those things to enjoy; is the true Owner. He asks that we be willing, to release all that we own; into His very capable hands,  Hold no thing back, so that you lack nothing!

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus; I open my hands to offer up all that I own, to You.  It belongs to You anyway.  I want to hold loosely to my possessions.  May I never selfishly cling to them, more than I cling to You.  When You are all I have, You are all I need.  I love You Lord more than any earthly treasure.  In Jesus Name.  Amen




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