Covered by God


Devotion:  Psalm 104: 5-13

“The winds and the waves, they obey My will.”   The earth is full of God’s glory. He created our world for His own good pleasure and for the people He created; to dwell in harmony.  But something happened.  Man disobeyed their Creator.  God was sorry He made man.

Verse six refers to the time God flooded the whole earth.  I thought this verse to be amazing; because in the ESV, David said “You covered it (the earth) with the deep as with a garment;”  I find it interesting that God sewed fig leaves together; to make garments, for the purpose of covering Adam and Eve’s nakedness,  They had been naked and unashamed but after eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they became ashamed.

In like manner, the earth had to be covered with water as a garment, to purify the earth  and wash away the shame of the sin that had taken place on it’s surface. The earth was given a chance to start over.

After the waters receded and Noah’s family came out of the ark to multiply the earth; God then used the blood of goats and bulls to cover the sins of the people. Something had to die, in order to provide a covering for the people’s sins. A second chance for man.  God always makes a way for man to start over. Be made new.  After the blood of thousands and thousands of lambs, goats and bulls was shed; God sent His only begotten Son to die in our place.  Mercy new.  Every morning.  Chance after chance to be restored to Him.  Daily.  Moment by moment. Absolutely amazing.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, thank You for covering my sin.  You are Holy and I am not. You bring forgiveness with every confession and repentance.  I stand amazed at Your long-suffering with me.  Over and over You stand ready to cover my iniquities.  It is against You and You only that I sin.  Thank You for covering me with the blood of Jesus, so that my fellowship with You is restored!  I love You Jesus.  It’s in Your Name I pray.  Amen!


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