Weapons of Our Warfare


Devotion: 2 Corinthians 10:4

God says in His Word that He does not wish for any to perish without Him. Are we praying; believing God. for our lost loved ones?  Never give up.  You have been given the authority of the name of the Lord Jesus to pray their deliverance from the power and persuasion of the Evil One and from the love of the world and the lust of the flesh.  Pray their conscience will be convicted and that God may bring them, to the point of repentance.

Intercession must be persistent because of the enemy.  Your prayer and resistance are against the enemy, the awful powers and rulers of darkness. It is your duty before God to fight for the souls for whom Christ died.  Fight the powers of darkness on their behalf through prayer.

What is true warfare in the spiritual realm?  Do you believe that our spiritual weapons are mighty and that our authority in Christ is far above all the authority of the rulers, powers and forces of darkness in this world?  If so; begin to pray with the authority God has provided for you.

A man named Peter Lord was interceding for a soul and began to feel that his prayers were largely ineffective.  Then the Holy Spirit inspired him to begin presenting that person to God in the name of the Lord Jesus.  He began to pray, “I present so and so to God in the name of the Lord Jesus.  He instantly felt his prayers becoming more and more effective.  It seemed to him that he was drawing the person from deep within the very camp of the enemy.

There’s an old hymn that said, “There is power, power, wonder working power; in the blood of the Lamb.”  Yes there is dear reader!  No matter how long; pray in faith believing, with patience and persistence, in the Name of Jesus and through His precious blood!

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I present so and so to You God, in the name the Lord Jesus.  I will put on my armor and pray for those whom You’ve called me to pray.




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