In All Things


Devotion: 1 Thessalonians 5:18

I heard myself say; “Thank You Lord for allowing me another day to live.  Thank You for life, health and strength to do Your bidding.Thank You for this cross You have chosen for me to bear.”  You may think that is a nominal, everyday kind of prayer. To give thanks in everything; can be difficult.  Choosing to be thankful in everything; takes some discipline.  Ask someone who has cancer or a disability that does not go away. Ask a grieving parent, child or sibling.

My friend, there is always something to be thankful for;  eyes to behold the world, ears to hear the music of crickets, birds and a baby’s cry, lungs that are capable of drawing deep breaths, arms and hands to work with; as well as legs and feet that can move you from place to place.  There is so much, for which you have to be thankful!

The things God allows in our lives that bring pain, discomfort and uncertainty; bring us pause in our lives.  Pause to reflect, rethink, and even release those painful things back to Him.  We earnestly need to come to the place where we can say; God I want to bring you honor and glory, even in this, whatever this is. I will choose to find things to be thankful for; in the midst of my trials and tribulations.

Corrie Ten Boom was a Jewish prisoner, in a Nazi camp, during World War II.  During her stay; the quarters she lived in, was never visited by the raping, pillaging Nazi soldiers. She wondered why they escaped the torture she heard about from the women in other cabins. Years later, after she was released, she happened to meet a converted soldier.  She asked him why their cabin was never invaded by those who meant to do nightly harm.  He said, What was the number of the  cabin were you in? She told him and he said, “Are you kidding me?  We knew your cabin was lice infested, so we would not dare come into those women.

You see, the rest of the story is, Corrie had told her sister, they need to thank God in all things, even for the lice. The lice had driven them absolutely mad, during their imprisonment. The yucky, itchy lice had protected them from being molested on a nightly basis.  It is such a powerfully true story, proving that what Satan means for evil, God can use for our good and His glory.  In all things, give thanks.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I thank you for the challenges You have ordained for my life.  You promised in this world, we would have tribulation but told us not to be afraid, for You have overcome the world.  God I thank You for entrusting me with even this.______________.  (You fill in the blank).  I want to bring You honor and glory in everything You allow into my life.  You are a good God and I trust You to accomplish what concerns me. I will choose to give thanks in all things. In Jesus Name. Amen



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