Food for Thought


Devotion: John 6:33-51

I think about food a lot.  Although I wouldn’t consider myself a “foodie”, I must admit I wake up thinking about what I will have for lunch or prepare for dinner.  Thoughts of food, glorious food; consumes a measurable amount of my precious time.

I absolutely love the one thing I absolutely cannot have. Bread!   Honestly, it makes me salivate to think of eating a slice of fresh hot bread, right from the oven.  Just the thought of it makes me tremble, literally and figuratively.  Because of my sense of smell and delightful memories of fresh hot bread, my taste buds began to get all stirred up.  Then, I must speak truth to my cravings.  “You know it will make you sick; very sick.”  Wisdom circumvents my love for bread and I must deny myself this indulgence and pleasure.

Bread and water can sustain life, unless you are allergic to a substance that holds “good” bread together.  Gluten.  Someone, once asked me, “What’s a gluten?”  It’s what holds the bread together and makes it extremely soft and tasty.  I have tried many gluten free breads, however;  they just aren’t the same.  Your tastebuds will tell you; this is a substitute.

Verse 33 says, “For the bread of God is He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.”  In this passage Jesus called Himself, the Bread of God, the Bread of life, the Bread which came down from heaven, Living Bread.  Why do you think He used this analogy?  Because every person who has ever lived; can relate to bread; yummy delicious bread.

Jesus said in verse 55, “For my flesh is food indeed…”  We abide in Him, if we feed on Him.  We shall live forever; if we eat this Living Bread.

For now, Jesus is my only “Good Bread.”  I look forward to the wedding feast that will take place in heaven.  I will look to the head of the table, Jesus Himself, “after I get over the fact I can look full into His wonderful face,” and say, “Jesus, would You please pass the bread?”

Prayer in Motion: 

Bread of heaven, feed me till I want no more.  You are my Bread and You satisfy my soul.  I tremble when I think of sitting at the table with You.  Maybe I won’t even be thinking of earthly bread, when I’m able to behold Your beautiful face.  I love You so much Jesus.  Thank You for being my earthly bread, for which there is no substitute!  In Jesus Name.  Amen!



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