Adjustments are Necessary


Devotion: Mark 13:33

Why is falling funny?  You notice, it’s only funny when it’s someone else whose fallen.  Yesterday, I fell in my son’s driveway.  I was holding my grandson, Elijah Grey and thankfully he did not get hurt.  My cheek took the full blow, on the bumper of my son’s car.  My glasses did not break.  I didn’t hit my eye or smash my grandson.  Mercy, what did I trip over; the air? The bumper was not forgiving; says the bump on my cheek.   Honestly, I must give my guardian angel a work out.

Here’s the rest of the story. Believing that my loose glasses were what caused me to fall; on the next day, I drove to my eye doctor’s office, to get them adjusted.  There’s a precious young man there; who always waits on me.  He called me back within five minutes and asked how he could help me.  My glasses were back on my face pronto, without falling down on my nose. Adjustments are necessary.

Before I left, I asked him how I could pray for him.  He said, “You can pray for my mom.”  I asked if he saw her often.  He said, “I’m going to see her this week-end.”  I asked, “Where does she live?”  He said, “Florida.”  I asked what was wrong with her.  He said, “alzhiemers,  she doesn’t even know I’m her son.”  He proceeded to tell me his parents and he had a huge disagreement; which severed their relationship many years ago.  I told him to tell her he forgave her.  He said, “She won’t understand.”  I said, “It’s more for you than for her.”

I will call him, Tom, not his real name.  I said, “Tom, you are obeying one of God’s commandments, by honoring your mom.” You are taking that twelve hour drive in order to, “Honor your … mother, that your days may be long upon the earth.”  He teared up a bit and said, “Thank you.”

You never know what a day may bring.  God can take what was meant for harm and turn it into purpose.  Tom is leaving Saturday.  Today is Wednesday.  You may think my falling was an accident.  I view it as intentional.  Maybe, my angel tripped me.   (Just kidding)

I had known my glasses were slipping down my nose for a few weeks but wouldn’t take the time to go see Tom.  Adjustments are necessary.  When you ask God to order your steps; hopefully you won’t have to be tripped, to get to the rightful place.  His ways are higher than our ways and His timing is always perfect.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, may I be open to adjustments in my schedule.  Help me to realize everything happens for a reason.  I trust You with my salvation and I trust You with my daily steps.  You go before me and You are behind me, even when I fall.  I love You Jesus.  It’s in Your Name I pray.  Amen!




2 thoughts on “Adjustments are Necessary

    • Hey Brenda!

      I pray you are having a wonderful time on your trip! I’m so jealous you all are together..all my dear friends on a road trip. Can’t wait to hear the stories you will have to tell when you return! Love you!

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