The Stares


Devotion: Hebrews 12:2

Have you ever felt someone staring at you?  Their eyes were so penetrating; you felt as if holes were being bored into your being. Staring can be downright rude; however, there are times we find ourselves staring because the person or thing is so incredibly beautiful or incredibly different.

While walking on the streets of an Asian city; I remember staring at a man who had been intentionally disfigured; placed on the street to beg for money, in order to line the pockets of his master.  He had been burned repeatedly; a little at a time, in order to change the appearance of his face and neck, as well as his limbs. What horrific torture that poor soul must have endured. It was hard to look at;  but at the same time, hard to look away from.  Tears blurred my staring eyes.  What a horrible injustice!

What things cause you to stare?  Is it some perversion or an amazingly beautiful creation of God? The Greek word for fix is aphorao; which means to fix ones eyes intently, or points to the idea of staring at something.

As believers in Christ, the scripture tells us to stare at Jesus. How can we do that?  He is no longer here on earth.  We can gaze into His Word and communicate with Him in prayer.  He wants our focus to be on Him.  There will come a day when we shall behold Him in all of His glory, but until that time, we must stare into His Word.  He is the Living Word.  We must talk to Him throughout the day and listen for His voice.  Let’s let our stares be on Him.

Prayer in Motion

Lord  Jesus, help me to take my eyes off of myself and put my stares upon You.  I want to behold You in the midst of my storm tossed life.  I want to look away from the distractions and be fixed on the Author and Finisher of my faith.  I love You Lord.  It’s in Jesus Name I offer up this prayer.  Amen


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