Run for Your Life


Devotion:  1 Corinthians 9:24

When I was eight months pregnant with my first born; my friend Margaret and I decided to go black berry picking.  It was the middle of the July, hot, humid and sticky.  We both wore light weight long sleeve shirts and long pants to protect ourselves from chiggers and briars.

Sweat was rolling down our foreheads, necks and backs.  Not a breeze was stirring from any direction; however we both persevered and picked two large buckets full of black berries, each.  We worked for hours to gain those prize blueberries.  As we started up the road to our car;  I was already envisioning the jellies, jams, pies and cakes we would make with our hard earned blackberries.

All of a sudden, we heard a deep dark growl and then loud, continual, vicious, barking. To our horror there was a black doberman; chained to a tree, lunging with all his might toward our blackberry laden, bucket carrying, bodies. Although a bit unnerved; we both thought we were safe, until snap, the heavy duty chain, broke in half and here came this hundred pound, drooling, teeth bearing dog, running full force toward us.

We both threw down, our treasured  blackberries and ran as fast as we could run; up hill. Margaret was leaving my one hundred twenty five pound pregnant self in the dust.  We were running for our lives!  Thank the good Lord, the owner who had been asleep in his house, came out and called the dog off.

Momentum can be quickly impeded; when one holds tightly to his treasure.

I know inquiring minds want to know; so here you go. Yes, we did retrieve most of our blackberries.  Although a few handfuls were squashed from being thrown down; we were still able to make our jams, jellies, pies and cakes.  We did not lose our prize black berries, even though our enemy (the dog in this case) wanted to keep us away.  We had to be willing to give up our precious treasured blackberries, in order to run for our life.  Sometimes we have to give up what we cannot keep; in order to gain what we cannot lose.  Refuse to hold onto anything that impedes your run or the prize that awaits you.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, please help me to hold loosely to my earthly treasures.  I want to run in such a way as to win the prize.  Lord may I relinquish all my earthly treasures to You on a daily basis.



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