Devotion: Genesis 37:26

Moving from Mooresboro, NC, we lived in an apartment in Garden City, SC for a couple of years. Our friends, Margaret and Steve Mode came down for a visit.   The apartment was about a mile off the shoreline; so we packed up our Jeep Cherokee for an afternoon at the beach.  Steve followed us in their car.  The tide was out in the nearby marsh, so we parked our cars, to walk over to the beach.  Our cars looked perfectly safe. However; Margaret and Steve were not in a four wheel drive.

We stayed out on the beach for quite a while and right before dinner, we headed back to our cars. Did I mention the tide would be filling up this marsh, in only a few short hours?  I backed out as easily as I had pulled in.  However; Steve and Margaret were stuck in the soft, miry, muck.

The tide had started ebbing in; so the tires of their car sunk deeper and deeper, each time Steve tried to work his way out. Using chains; we finally hooked our car to theirs, in order to free their sinking car.

Earlier, this parking place looked perfectly safe.  I wondered through the years, how many people had done the exact same thing.

It’s the same way with our lives. We find ourselves stuck in places that looked absolutely safe.  You’ve possibly made an investment that looked perfectly safe and ended up losing it for various reasons.   A neighborhood that seemed perfectly safe can become a high crime area, leaving you stuck with a house that’s worth less. Whatever the scenario;  you find yourself, stuck!

Don’t give up.  Don’t sink deeper and deeper, into the miry clay of hopelessness.  There’s an anchor who will pull you out of that miry clay. Call on His Name: Jesus Christ!  When there doesn’t seem to be any possible way; He will free you from your stuck places.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, please free me from the place where I find myself stuck.  I need to be rescued and freed.  I believe when I am in Jesus Christ, I am free indeed. You are my anchor and I will obey whatever You say to do.  In Jesus Name.  Amen



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