Devotion: Philippians 3:20-21

My husband and I absolutely love reunions. No matter how long it’s been; it’s amazing to gather with family or friends, with whom you’ve done life. On September 19, 2015; Ben’s high school class and spouses; gathered together for their high school reunion. Ben and I went to Drexel Primary, Elementary and High School together. Although not in the same class; because our school was small; we both know all the same people.  Fifty some people gathered in the basement of Drexel’s First Baptist Church. Every person was given an opportunity to share old stories and memories of their time at Drexel High.  Three former teachers, were honored and blessed by all in attendance.

Drexel is a small town in the piedmont region of North Carolina. Our school is no longer a high school but is now an Academy for challenged teens.  While climbing the stairs of our former high school, I thought about how secure and safe we always felt.  The lower level of the building; now houses the cafeteria and to my surprise, a metal detector.  Are the kids stealing the forks, knives and spoons?  We always felt totally safe at this school; never a thought, that someone would bring a weapon to school.

Every class mate introduced their spouses.  Several had even married one of their high school class mates.   It was awesome to hear of their accomplishments, their passions and their current positions.  Many shared their heart felt gratitude for their former teachers and class mates.  Honestly; it felt like extended family that we hadn’t seen in forty five years.  Some even gave testimony of their love and faith in the Lord and how He changed their lives.

But oh dear reader; if you know Jesus; one day there’s going to be a reunion of all reunions.  What a glorious day when we will see our Jesus for the very first time, the One whom we have given our hearts, the One with whom we’ve done life.  We will then be reunited, with friends and loved ones who wait for us, never to be separated again. I believe we will tell our old stories of the great and mighty things our God did for us, through out eternity and we will never to be separated again.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, may I live in anticipation of our reunion day.  We will finally see You, Jesus and all the saints we’ve read about in Your Word. I can hardly wait to hear You speak and worship You through out eternity.  Because of You, we will never be separated again.  All the praise, honor, glory and blessing belongs to You Jesus.  It’s in Your Name, I offer up this prayer. Amen!





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