Views of Revelation


Devotion:  2 Timothy 3:16

Christians as a whole; tend to believe our interpretation of the Bible, is the only correct one.  Based upon today’s scripture reference, it is profitable for doctrine.  As you listen to different interpretations of the same scripture, backed up by scripture; one begins to understand why there are different denominations in the Christian world.

Bible Study Fellowship hands out a full sheet on interpreting Revelation.  Today we will look at the four basic approaches that have been used by Christians through the centuries.

The Preterist View – considers that most of the book depicts trials and triumphs of the early church, rather than events leading to the end times and second coming of Jesus.

The Historicist Approach – believes Revelation describes the whole present age of the church from the apostolic time to consummation.  They believe only a few of the passages of Revelation await future fulfillment.

The Idealistic Position – believes the visions in the book represent the continuing great spiritual conflict between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of satan.

The Futurist View – believes Revelation (after chapter 3) depicts the drama of God’s actions in the closing events of history, including the return of Christ to the earth.

Many scholars also interpret Revelation with a combination of these view points or an approach that sees multiple fulfillments of some visions leading to final ultimate fulfillment in the end times.

Each of these interpretations come from Christian scholars.  In other words, they have “studied to show themselves approved unto God…”  They are those who “rightly divide” the Word of God,

These beliefs will be revealed in the end times.  None of them will change whether a person goest to heaven or hell.  Only Jesus knows the absolute correct interpretation.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I trust You with end times prophecy’s fulfillment.  May I give grace to those to do not hold to my end time view points. You are the Living Word and I know all things will be revealed and fulfilled when we see You Jesus.  It’s in Your Name I pray. Amen




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