Pure Milk


Devotion: 1 Peter 2:2

Not too long ago; I had some non-pasturized milk. I know it sounds unclean but it was amazingly delicious! I hardly recognized it as the same drink because I usually drink it in it’s 2% form.   It tasted whole, because it was full of rich goodness, known as fat.  I only had one swallow but I enjoyed it’s 100 % real taste.

I did not grow up on a farm; however my husband grew up next to his grandfather’s farm.  He didn’t know any other way to drink his milk; other than straight from the cow. The milkman brought our pasturized milk twice a week.  If you’ve never had the “real thing”, you have no idea what you are missing.  Given the opportunity, I hope you will “taste and see” how delicious; “straight from the cow” can be.

One of the chief ways we can “taste and see” that the Lord is good; is to long for the pure milk of His Word. Nothing takes the place of the real thing:  not a motivational speech; not a wonderful worship song, not the most eloquent prayer. Although all those things are needful; not one replaces the pure milk of God’s Word.

His Word instructs, convicts, restores, refines and renews a steadfast spirit within us.  Every single word poured forth from the mouth of God; to the ears of HIs writers, was written down for you, His precious child.  He knew you before the foundation of the world.  He knows your needs; spiritually, emotionally and physically.

If you will hunger and thirst for HIs righteousness; He will satisfy you through the pure milk of His Word. He will feed your spirit, your mind and your heart as you taste and see His rich goodness.

Prayer in Motion

Lord, may I long for the pure milk of Your Word on a daily basis. May I receive every word and allow it to satisfy me fully.  Help me to desire it more than my earthly food.  Thank You for leaving us with Words straight from Your mouth.







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