Dust and Dustiness


Devotion: Psalm 103:14

What is your approach to God?  Do you begin your prayer time by presenting a list of your needs, wants and desires?  Do you begin by acknowledging His attributes and characteristics because He inhabits the praises of His people.   In his book, “Beloved Dust”, Jamin Goggin declares, “Often it is our approach to God that needs healing most.”

Many of us have broken expectations in our prayer lives.  We’ve prayed and we’ve prayed; over a person or a situation.  We’ve fasted.  We’ve cried buckets of tears and yet; heaven seems silent.  We must remember: God is not Santa Claus.  Yet, you are wondering, “How do I fix this?” and “How do I get that feeling back, I used to have with God?”

There is no quick solution, technique or formula; for getting  you back to where you once were with God.  One of God’s Names is Immanuel, God with us.   Jesus is fully God and fully man.  We are only fully man; however, our God can relate to us fully because He dwelled here on earth for thirty three years.  He doesn’t ask us to understand His ways but merely to trust them.

From dust we were created and to dust we shall return.  Your Creator God has you right in the palm of His hand.  He wants you to cry out to Him and to listen for His voice.

This world gets dusty.  Sometimes it’s hard to understand God’s higher ways.  He still wants you to come to Him, cling to Him, no matter how long you’ve been praying about that person or that situation.  Please don’t give up.

Dust is inevitable, because that’s what we are made of.  The dustiness of this world gets hard.  In fact, if we are looking for dust, it won’t be hard to find.  It’s because of our dustiness, that God is with us.  He is mindful that we are but dust.  Come to Him.  He understands.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, help me to remember I am made of dust.  You will accomplish what concerns me.  You are not surprised at my dustiness.  I trust You to take my dust and use it to conform me into Your image.


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