In God’s Story


Devotion: 2 Corinthians 6:2

Why do we invite God into our stories rather than humbly receiving the invitation to share in His?  When He gave His life for us, He requires that we give ourselves to Him.  Remember the song, I Surrender All.  The first line exclaims: “All to Jesus I surrender; all to Him I freely give.”  All means all.

Have you heard a loved one say; “I’ll come to Jesus after I’ve given up drinking or doing drugs” or whatever the after I’m done doing what I am doing entails?  Jesus will take you just as you are.  He wants to come into your life, right in the middle of your NOW.  He will help you overcome any addiction or lifestyle; if you will seek Him right where you are.  Please do not delay; if you do not know Him personally.  He longs for you to give your life to Him, now.  “Now is the acceptable time.  Today is the day of salvation.”

Many years ago; I was blessed to be a part of a prayer team, with Joni and Friends in Amsterdam.  We went onto a docked boat, to minister and pray with the people there.  The music was loud as were the people.  She walked in this rocking boat; dressed in high heels, fish net hose, short tight skirt, large hooped earrings and a spiked collar around her neck.  She was sporting two large dobermans who also wore spiked collars. You get the picture!

My friend Gail and I prayed; as our friend Bonnie walked up to her and instantly began conversation.  Within ten minutes, we saw her heart of stone transform to a heart of flesh.  She was weeping as she invited Jesus into her heart.  Ten minutes.  I promise. Transformation.  Icy, hard heart, melted like snow; as the Son’s rays shone upon her heart.

She accepted the invitation to share in God’s story.  She became a part of the family of God.  It’s the only way we can come, just as we are.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I humbly give myself to You this day.  I want my day to be all about You.  Help me to listen with the ear of a disciple.  I want to share in Your story versus You in my story.  You are the Author and Finisher of my story and my faith.  I thank You Lord for all the great and mighty things You have done.  I love You Jesus.  Amen




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