Radical Attachment


Devotion: Psalm 46:7-11

There is a common disorder in some children called Radical Attachment Disorder.  The child may not have been handled much as a baby or mishandled in an abusive sort of way.  It’s must broader than this brief explanation but you get the idea. When a child has not been held or caressed in healthy ways; he or she begins to withdraw and act out in an unhealthy manner. These children can be explosive in their anger and not relate well to their family and peers.  It’s very sad indeed.

In the same way, when we detach ourselves from God, we miss out on His many blessings.  We lose our peace that passes all understanding.  Our love waxes cold.  The joy we once had wanes away from our countenance.  Patience we once displayed; becomes thin.  We fail to display the kindness God has poured into our hearts.  It’s hard to remain faithful to the One Who’s been faithful to us.

God is with us.  He declares:  “I am here!”  We were created for radical attachment to God!  He created us to have fellowship with Him, to worship Him, in Spirit and in Truth.  Jammin Goggin says in Beloved Dust, “God made us to commune with Him, to proclaim His presence based upon who we are, which means we were created to relate with God in love.”  God is love.

You were created to “live and move and have your being in God. (Acts 17:28)  Rather than talk about God; include Him in your conversations, as if He were actually present.  He is ever present.  God is with you my friend!  Be radically attached to Him!

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, I long to be radically attached to You.  Evening, Morning and Noon; I am with You.  You are the reason for my being.  I long for You to be at the center of my life, my world, my decisions, my prayers and my thinking.  You are everything to me.  Thank You Lord for this great truth.  In Jesus Name. Amen!


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