Terrified of Transparency


Devotion: 2 Timothy 2:15

I am blessed to be in a ladies Sunday School class; where we can be real with one another.  No, it’s not a “tell me all your troubles” kind of class.  We study God’s Word together and then in real honesty, share how we chose to apply the Truth to our lives each week or how we did not.  We love each other unconditionally.  We are safe to share our victories and our failures.

The women in this class  range from age twenty four to sixty something.  Currently; there’s only about ten of us but we are growing spiritually stronger as we learn to lean on Jesus and His Word.  We are from all walks of life and ethnicity.  Some are brand new Christians and some have been Christians for many years.  I love the diversity and what each one brings to the table. God’s love is poured out unconditionally.

Women need other women in their lives.  You may say, it’s too much drama!  Life is full of drama.  Just read the Bible.  The characters lives were full of drama.  Most of them were open and transparent with each other and with God.  That’s how a person who rightly divides God’s Word should be.

Moses, Samuel, Joseph, Job, David, Ruth, Naomi, Mary, Boaz, Esther, Paul; all laid themselves bare, to their families and communities. Their life stories help us to understand; we are not alone.  God was with them and He is with us.

Even the most private people, need one or two people in their lives, proven to be trustworthy to share life’s burdens.  We were not made to do life alone.  People need the Lord and we need each other.  Please allow yourself to be transparent with a few trustworthy friends.  Don’t be afraid of transparency.  Open your heart to speak and receive truth in love. You may be surprised at what wisdom the other person or people will have to share.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I don’t want to be terrified of being transparent.  Help me to be transparent with those whom you have given me.  Give me spiritual discernment regarding those whom You have chosen.  May they find me trustworthy as well.  In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen



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