The Church


Devotion:  Matthew 16:18

The Church is the beloved people of Jesus Christ. The Church is known as the family of God and is even called the bride of Christ.  Christ loved the Church so much that He gave Himself up for her.

The first church gatherings were held under trees; as well as in individual homes and even by the sea shore.  Any place people gathered to hear Jesus or his disciples preach and teach, was called church.

The church is called to worship God; nurture God’s people and take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through word and deed.  We are to reach into every aspect of society and carry out the work of the church through out our communities and the world.  We are to use our gifts to serve one another.

The Church was birthed by love, cleansed by love, made radiant by love, completely rooted in the love of Christ.  Any time Christ speaks of the Church through His Word, His language is full of love, saying Christ loved the Church and gave Himself up for her.

Even though the church has probably been the most ridiculed group of people;  and suffered the most persecution; she’s never been totally snuffed out.  We are made up of ethnic groups from all over this world.  We are triumphant through the blood of Jesus Christ and He is the whole reason for the birth of the Church.  She has endured bloody battles down through the ages but always forged ahead through all manner of evil

God tells us to forsake not the assembling of ourselves together as is the habit of some.  We strengthen each other as often as we gather together to worship and listen to God’s Word preached and taught.  He is with us always.  One day we will all be gathered to meet Him in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord may I fulfill my calling and build up Your Church.  I long to be an encouragement to the Church as a whole; as well as my local church.  May I always do my part, until You come for me.  I love you Jesus.





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