Biting Fleas


Devotion: 1 Thessalonians 5:18

“Something beautiful, something good.  All my confusion; He understood.  All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife, but He made something beautiful of my life.”  This old Gaither song speaks of God taking the pain of our past and turning it into something He can use for His honor and glory.  1 Thessalonians 5:18 tell us to “Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will in Christ Jesus concerning you”

Corrie ten Boom’s story of being held hostage in a Jewish prison camp is nothing less than breath taking.  Her sister Betsy would remind Corrie; God says give thanks in all circumstances, not just the pleasant ones.  Their prison camp was full of dark, small, foul-smelling and flea infested small rooms.  When the prison cells became flea infested, the soldiers quit coming.  The women were finally free from being raped, abused, harassed, tortured and punished. All because of fleas.  God used these horrific little fleas, to get His promise of comfort and hope to dozens of desperate, lonely, scared, broken and hurting women.

What Satan meant for evil, the biting fleas, God used to protect these women from the continued harsh treatment.  It sounds like an oxymoron but the fleas brought to these Jewish women, comfort, hope.  Instead of saying, “Why isn’t God helping me; they said yes to pain, hurt and discomfort, all for the honor and glory of God.  The threat of great difficulty and sacrifice didn’t deter Corrie’s or her sister’s passion to serve Jesus.

It is possible for pain and heartache to be used by God to impact the hearts of others for Christ and result in our enjoying a more abundant life.  Through the raw offering of ourselves, we can open ourselves up and be real, and trust God to do something beyond our capabilities.  It is only possible through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Later in life; when Corrie was sharing her testimony in front of hundreds of people, there was a man came up to her,  falling at her feet, begging her forgiveness.  You see He was one of the Nazi soldiers that came to faith and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ because of the life she lived.

You see, just like the Ten Boom sisters, when you are able to share the truth of the pain of your past, you will encourage the hearts of those who hear.  They will see the God who was with you and know He will be with them also.

What are the biting fleas in your life?  We all have them.  Ask God to use the pain of your past, to reach out to those who are deeply hurting.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh God forgive me for the times I have whined and complained about my pain and suffering.  May I glorify You in and through it all!  In Jesus Name. Amen






One thought on “Biting Fleas

  1. Alisa Blanton

    Thank you Libby for your encouraging words in your devotion today. it really spoke to me in dealing with some biting fleas I am dealing with. I know God is faithful and uses all things for good. Thank you for the reminder!

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