Stretching Your Faith


Devotion:  Matthew 7:7-8

Has God ever pushed you from your comfort zone to your faith zone?  It is so much easier to play it safe versus having audacious faith.  But then, how would you ever grow in your walk with the Lord?  He longs to show you; as well as those watching you, what He is capable of doing.

The hispanic pastor at my church had been asking me for months; to help teach English as a Second Language.  I honestly thought he was teasing me.  He kept telling me Jesus told him in Spanish that I was to help with this endeavor.  I thought, “Of course He did.  That’s your native language.”  But then I began to think; “Jesus, I should at least pray about it.”

When I need to have answers, I will ask the Lord specifically; to direct my heart and order my steps.  I honestly needed to know. I was at the beach, staying at my friends’ condo.  I sat out on the deck, watching the ocean and began to talk to the Lord.  “If I am to be involved in the ESL program, could you show me some dolphins?”  All of a sudden, there was a whole school of dolphins jumping out of the water. In my whole life, I’ve never even seen one dolphin in the ocean.

The next morning, I said, Lord, would you show me dolphins just one more time, so that I can be absolutely sure of this calling. I looked up to see another school of dolphins putting on a performance in front of me.

I don’t know one word of Spanish.  This is stretching me beyond my comfort zone; but this one thing I know for sure; God wants me to help teach English as a Second Language.  He who calls us to do something beyond our comfort zone, will provide a way for us to accomplish the thing He has called us to do.

Prayer in Motion:

Thank You Lord for stretching my faith.  Thank You for answering my specific prayers and moving me from my comfort zone to the faith zone.  You promised, “if I seek You, I will find You, when I search for You with my whole heart.” You long to direct my steps and order my path.  Help me to pray audaciously to a God who hears my prayers.  I love You Jesus.  Amen







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