I Wonder


Devotion: Luke 2:18

I have a dear friend named Tamera; who often uses the phrase, “I wonder,” during the course of our conversations. Inquiring minds want to know!   Whether in her work, her ministry or as she is going about her daily life; she wonders why things happen?

It’s human nature to wonder.  Every person who heard the great news regarding the birth of our Savior, wondered at the wonder of this miracle!   We think and process with the mind God has given us. We think with our senses. If we can’t see it, hear it or touch it, then we struggle to believe it.

As human beings; we naturally have a “cause and effect” mindset. If thing “A” happens, then thing “B” will result.  It’s hard for our minds to grasp the supernatural, the miraculous things that are humanly impossible.  That’s when faith comes into motion.  Do you believe, “Things impossible with man, are possible with God?”  Will you wonder at God’s ability to perform miracles?

As those shepherds were wandering toward the little town of Bethlehem, I wonder if they took their sheep with them?   As they made their way toward the birth place of the Christ child, I wonder; in what type of weather did they wander?  Was it warm or was it cold?  We know they followed the star God created for the purpose of finding the Christ Child. I wonder about the conversation among these shepherds; as they moved toward the place God’s Son lay.  We all accept the miraculous birth of our Savior by faith; even when we wonder about the details.

Christians worldwide wonder when our Lord will return.  Although no man knows the day or the hour, we’ve seen prophecies fulfilled regarding the future return of our Jesus.  As we wander in this world, may we wait in wonder at all the things Jesus, our Shepherd has told us.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, thank You for giving me a mind to wonder at all Your great wonders.  I’m amazed by Your great love and compassion; to come into a world that did not receive You.  I wonder at Your wonderful Words of Life.  I marvel at Your mercy and goodness toward me, a sinner saved by grace.  I love You Jesus!  In Your Name I pray.  Amen





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