Praying Hard


Devotion:  1 Thessalonians 5:17

Mark Batterson says in his book; “Circle Maker”, “Praying hard is asking God to make your life harder.  The harder you pray, the harder you will have to work.  And that is a blessing from God.”

When you pray about something or someone; you have to be willing to do something about it.  There must be skin in the game.  Just as in the game of football; it may cost you some blood, sweat and tears.   “Praying hard is synonymous with working hard,” Batterson  states;; “You have to take a step of faith, and that first step is always the hardest.”

Prayer can involve “doing battle”.  God has provided armor for those times.  We must do as Ephesians 6:11 proclaims; “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”  Our battles are not against “flesh and blood” as verse 12 states; but against the evils in this world. The only way to stand against them is to pray hard, dressed in your armor.

For what or whom are you praying most diligently?  How badly do you want to see this thing come to pass?  Are you willing to fast food or sleep or television time; in order create time to pray? Your enemy does not want you to pray about anything; so he will fight you tooth and nail, to prevent you from getting on your knees.

Praying hard is not comfortable.  There is a cost in involved. The harder you pray, the harder you must work.  That’s just the nature of prayer.  It’s not meant to be easy or passive.  There must be work involved.  However; the rewards are out of this world!

Prayer in Motion:

Jesus, I want to pray hard and I know you will be my help as I work for your kingdom purposes.  I love you Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


4 thoughts on “Praying Hard

    • Hi Sweet Sister! I want to pray and listen better for the voice of my Lord. You and Tom are such an inspiration to me when I think of those who have come through hardships and trials victoriously! You both were lonely and needing a companion from the Lord. He brought you to each other. IT’s so sweet to watch you both do life together. You compliment one another as you do the work of the Lord. Thank you for always giving back to the Lord through your worship and acts of service to Him. I love you and still miss you both.

    • Thank you Joanne! I struggle with the same things as my readers; so I pray each one brings encouragement to the lives of those who read them! May God bless you; as you pray hard for all the people and situations in your life. We are doing this life together as sisters in Christ!

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