The Exception to the Rule


Devotion:  Ephesians 3:16

We’ve heard this old adage a thousand times in our life time.  He or she is the “exception to the rule”.  That is such a lie from the pit of hell.  The person may be exceptional in his or her field but never is anyone “the exception to the rule”. This is always true in the life of a child of the Most High God.

You ask’ “What rule?”  The rule of deception.  No one Christian is above our enemy’s ability to deceive.  Within deception is always an element of truth, shrouded in darkness.  Example: relativity.  It’s all relative.  Right?  Wrong!  Our enemy makes evil appealing and righteousness boring.  That is how he lures us into addictions that ultimately leave us joyless and empty.  That’s how a spouse can feel justified in having an affair.  The enemy creates an illusion in a person’s mind;  that he or she is the exception to the rule.  It’s just a little flirting.  My wife or husband isn’t paying me any attention.  I just “need” someone to talk to.  All of these are lies from the one who wants to ensnare you!

Is it possible to prepare ourselves to stand against our enemy’s smooth, underlying deceptive plans?  In the life of a believer in Christ; definitely yes! NEVER trust your feelings! They can change in a nano second.  Our emotions are unstable.  Priscilla Shirer says in “The Armor of God;”  “Feelings change based on external stimuli.  Sometimes moment by moment.”

Can you trust your intelligence?  NO!  Minds change.  What about your instinct? NO! We have all been given a conscience. That is part of how God made us.  Our conscience is also susceptible to sin, significantly shaped by things like our environment, our parents, our teachers and our life circumstances.  Not one of those human qualities is a hundred percent reliable.

If we make our decisions based solely upon our feelings, gut, intelligence or conscience; then we believe we are the exception to the rule.  Not one of these resources is an accurate compass of God’s truth.  The enemy can use anyone of the above “human attempts” in our decision making process.  Remember; they are God given resources; but not fully reliable.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, may I never declare myself nor any other human being the exception to the rule.  Please do not allow me to be deceived by my circumstances; intelligence, conscience or gut feelings. By the power of Your Holy Spirit, may I keep on the path  You have ordained for me.  In Jesus Name.  Amen




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