Father or Shepherd


Devotion:  Matthew 6:9-13, Psalm 23

In the Lord’s prayer; Jesus said, “Our Father.”  In the twenty third Psalm, David said, “My Shepherd.”  Jesus was teaching us how to pray, stating who our God really is.  Father, tells us much about God.  Our, tells us much about us.  We are in this together. This thing called Christianity.  We are family.  We share the same bloodline; the blood of Christ that cleanses us from all our sin.

If Jesus teaches you to say, “Our Father”; you can know you are accepted into the family of God.  Rejection on this earth is swallowed up in acceptance by the One who is eternal.  David declares, “The Lord is my Shepherd.”  In Psalm 23, he begins to list all of God’s provision.

Is God our Father or our Shepherd?  The definition of father is: “A man who has begotten a child.”  The definition of shepherd is: “A person whose job it is to take care of sheep.” Sometimes you need a Father and sometimes you need a Shepherd.  Father indicates one who is in authority over you and everything that concerns you.  Shepherd implies One who oversees and gives care to those for whom He’s responsible.  God is both!

Praying to “Our Father;” brings the knowledge that He’s the Only One who knows His will and plan for our lives.  He alone provides our daily bread.  He alone can supply forgiveness for every sin we have ever committed.  He would never lead us into temptation but delivers us from past, present and future evil.  It all belongs to Him both now and forever.

Praying to our Shepherd brings both the knowledge and security that we shall not want.  We are blessed with restorative peace, knowing He is watching over us.  Even when death is near; we need not fear, for He is with us. Although not pleasant, the discipline of our Shepherd brings us comfort.  Our enemy watches while we eat from our Shepherd’s banquet table.  He anoints our every wound and hurt with His healing salve.  Our bounty overflows.  The two things we long for most; goodness and mercy, will follow us all the days of our lives.  On top of all that; we get to go dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Oh how wonderful, how marvelous, to know God will take care of us, through everyday, ore all the way.  He is our Father God and the Shepherd of our souls.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh my Father and my Shepherd, how I love You!  I thank You for Your goodness and mercy!  I trust You Shepherd of my heart!  Father, You alone know what is best for me.  Nothing I desire compares with You.  Thank You for being such a wonderful Father and Shepherd, all the days of my life.  I commit this day to You God, knowing that You will accomplish what concerns me.  In Jesus Name I offer up this prayer.  Amen



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