God is Alive


Devotion:  Matthew 28:6-7

If you have not seen the movie, “God’s Not Dead;”  please carve out some time to watch it.  It is a powerful modern day story of the truth of a life filled with Christ.  POWERFUL!  This pre-Easter season would be a great time for you and your family to watch this life-changing film together.

Many of us live as if God is dead. We live in a state of constant defeat and discouragement.   For what situation are you currently praying?  Are you consulting our Resurrected Savior, or have you given into despair and hopelessness?  We cannot.  We must not give the devil an opportunity.  He loves it when we fall into his crafty little plans to steal, kill and destroy.

My dear reader; I want you to live as if God is alive.  He has the power to change your situation and if not the situation; He will change you.  This very day; He wants you to know; He who overcame death, hell and the grave; will help you to overcome your circumstances.  Overcoming; may or may not involve you being plucked out or whisked away from your situation, but brought through it.

This is called:  “training in righteousness,” Read about it in 2 Timothy 3:16.  

This type of training is necessary for believers in Christ, but not fun.  It’s how we grow. God is training us to focus on Him through it all. As my friend Teresa Brown says, “What won’t kill you will make you stronger.”  It “feels” like it’s going to kill you. You can’t trust your “feelings.” You can trust the truth of what the Lord your God declares in His Word.  Don’t stop praying.

God promised to never leave us nor forsake us.  He is building us up in our most holy faith.  There’s no one else you can fully trust, not yourself, not another person, God alone.  He is the One who overcame the most horrible persecution ever inflicted upon a human being.  He who was without sin; became sin for us.  I will never get over this amazing Biblical fact!

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, You are alive!  You are alive and seated at the right hand of the Father, ever interceding for me.  You are in control of everything in my itty bitty piece of the world.  You will accomplish what concerns me.  You promised and I choose to believe every Word You say.  Help me apply the great truths that come from Your Word; to any given situation I happen to be walking through.  In Jesus Name.  Amen








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