Fruit Basket


Devotion:  Galatians 5:22-23

What an amazing gift God gave when you invited Him into your heart!  All the fruit of the Spirit.  Not “fruits” but one fruit. One fruit with many attributes.  Just as an apple can be firm, mushy, tart or sweet, Christian fruit is designed to exhibit nine qualities.  It’s our choice whether or not to display them.  Everyone in your sphere of influence is watching to see how you demonstrate your claim to being a Christ follower.

How are you exhibiting God’s fruit basket?  Are you loving the unlovely? Do people see you full of joy or full of anger?  Do you bring peace at your job, in your church and in your family?  Are you patient with the people God has brought into your life? Do you choose to show kindness to the unkind?  Do you exhibit goodness to the “not so good”?  Are you faithful to  your church and the obligations to which you have committed yourself?  Do your respond with gentleness to those who irritate you?  Do you choose to demonstrate self-control to those who are out of control?

God wisely and deliberately chose these attributes of the fruit of His Spirit.  Why? He knows our human tendencies.  On our own, we will fail every test.  The flesh is weak but His Spirit will empower us to demonstrate every single attribute of His fruit; if we will but submit to Him.

The same God who supplied us with this fruit basket; made a way through His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit, for us to display this fruit to an unbelieving world.  Will you share it with those whom God has given you?

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, I am asking You to help me share the fruit of the Spirit with all those You have given me.  I want to show love to the unlovely; joy instead of anger, peace to those who have a raging war going on inside of them, patience with those who try mine, kindness to the unkind, goodness to the not so good, display faithfulness to You Lord, gentleness to those who are harsh in their judgements of me and exhibit self-control toward the mean spirited.  I pray all of this in Jesus Name.  Amen




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