Time of Visitation


Devotion:  Luke 19:43-44

As the day of crucifixion drew nigh, our Savior knew; Friday was coming.  What thoughts were swirling through our Savior’s head; three days before His crucifixion? Christ’s disciples had praised Him loudly; as He made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  So upset with the audible worship of Christ; the Pharisees yelled back, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples.”  Jesus answered back, “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.”  Jesus has a way of speaking powerful truth; that cuts to the chase.

As our Lord neared Jerusalem, He wept over the city’s lack of peace. Aside from Jesus’ disciples; the people of Jerusalem had not begun to understand their Messiah. He knew they had not known “the time of their visitation.”  They were still waiting on the “messiah” they had created in their own head. The One and Only true Messiah was standing right in front of them.

Jesus was only days away from the very purpose of His earthly visitation.  After crying a flood of tears over His beloved Jerusalem; He went into the temple to drive out those who bought and sold in His sacred house.  Christ proclaimed in Luke 19:46, “My house is a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.” Christ loves His bride, the church. He longs to present her before His Father, spotless and without stain.  After a brief thirty three year visit; He would give His life for her.

Even those in authority over the temple; had not begun to understand the visitation of their Messiah.  No wonder He wept. These leaders had plenty of religious aptitude but lacked any true spiritual depth.

At this time; Jesus was teaching daily in the temple.  The chief priests, the scribes, all those in leadership; sought to destroy Him.  However; it was not yet His time.  Isn’t it interesting that those in authority were unable to use their authority; over the One to whom all authority has been given?  His earthly visit was not yet done.

As Jesus taught; the people listened attentively.  Can you imagine them leaning in; hanging on every word, from The One who is known as The Word?  He was after all;  “Rabboni”, the Master Teacher.

Oh dear one; how could any one possibly neglect the visitation of the One who provides so great a salvation?

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, thank You for your earthly visitation; offering the whole world eternal life.  May I listen for the voice of my Rabboni and Savior at all times. May I not neglect the voice of Your Holy Spirit. As I draw near to You, may I obey all that You say do.  In Christ’s Name I pray.  Amen!



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