Devotion:  John 10:10

If you are a fan of football, you’ve watched players get blindsided by an opposing team member.  Some are knocked down; while others have been temporarily knocked out.  It’s not a pretty sight; when the player is on your team. He was focused on running forward and did not see the hit coming. You can hear the crowd yell; Oooohhhh!  It hurts to be blindsided.  What do you want the guy to do?  Get up and finish the game.

It’s the same with your enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy.  His goal is to blindside you; knock you down, out of the game.  He has tactics that he relentlessly employs. Our God longs for us to get up and finish the race He has set before us. His goal is for us to run in such a way as to win.

Just as football coaches have a strategy all written down in a playbook; so does our God.  It’s called the Bible, God’s Holy Word.  Our opposer, Satan can’t have your soul; but he certainly wants to blindside you, to take you out of the game for a while, a season if he could.

We must develop a strategy.

  1.    Stay in God’s Word.
  2.    Get a life verse and memorize it.
  3.    Ask the Lord to speak to your heart.
  4.    Actively listen for God’s voice.
  5.    Obey all He says do.

Child of the Most High God; the Lord always has a plan for you. A specific plan.  He knows your opponent better than you do. He wants to protect you from being blindsided but let’s face it; we live in a fallen world.  For the times you are blindsided; go back to the Lord’s strategy.  Follow your Coach’s playbook.  God will order your steps and direct your path.




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