Microscope or Telescope


Devotion:  Psalm 51:17

Nancy Leigh DeMoss says in her book; Brokenness: “Proud people have a critical, faultfinding spirit.  They look at everyone else’s faults with a microscope but view their own with a telescope.”  That’s what we all tend to do, unless we have been broken.

Broken people are compassionate.  They are able to love others with a love that overlooks a multitude of sins.  They can forgive much because they know how much they have been forgiven.

Proud people tend to think highly of themselves and look down on others.  They are full of self-righteousness and have a self-sufficient spirit.

I think we are afraid of that word; BROKEN.  What does that mean exactly?   For Christians?  Should we pray for it?  What has to happen in order for us to become broken?  Do we have to lose someone to death, receive a death sentence for ourselves; lose everything we own or have our sin be publicly exposed?

When you think of the biblical saints who were broken; what names come to your mind?  Would it be Esther; who called her people to pray and fast for her as she went un-summonsed before her king?  Or maybe David, who had an illicit affair, got Bathsheba pregnant and then had her husband killed.  What about Peter who denied the Lord three times?

All of these were broken sinners that God chose to save, bless and help.  The result of each broken life saved, blessed and helped many others.  In other words; brokenness impacted generations of people.

Let’s look at a couple of the definitions of un-broken.  1. Not subdued.  2. Untrained for service.  Can God use us if we are not totally and completely submitted to Him?

Man looks at the outside but God looks at the heart.  There is no place for self-righteousness in God’s kingdom.  “To whom much is given, much is required.”  We need to microscope our own sins and telescope the sins of others.

Prayer in Motion:

Search me oh God and know my heart.  See if there be any wicked way in me.  Lord may I always microscope my own sins and telescope the sins of others.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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