Complete Wholeness


Devotion:  Matthew 9:22

I started a diet today called Whole Thirty, in hopes to further heal my lungs and heart.  I do believe our food can be our medicine. It’s worth a try anyway.  On this diet; one must eat whole foods, no processed foods, sugar, or starches for thirty days.  No cheating, not even one bite of forbidden food is allowed, or you have to start over.  Supposedly eating whole foods will change your life!  Oh, how I want a changed life.

As I was reading the last set of notes for my Bible Study Fellowship Revelation study, I came across this statement.  “Our eternal home with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit provides belonging, acceptance and complete wholeness for each one of God’s children.  We will be the recipients of unconditional love, without fear of loss, rejection, shame or exposure.  We will ultimately find relief, joy and rest.”

Home in heaven means perfect relationships with everyone. Can you imagine?  Isn’t it wonderful to think about every broken relationship among Christians being restored wholly. We won’t even remember any of those heart aches and heart breaks; once we see the face of Jesus.

To be made whole is our ultimate desire.  It’s how things were in the Garden of Eden.  Perfect harmony in every way.  All was well; until the slithering enemy of man, came in to steal, kill and destroy the perfect setting of God.  God had a redemptive plan for man’s restoration to Him; through Jesus Christ. One glorious day; we will be made whole and forever be with the Lord.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I thank You for the knowledge that one day, I will forever be with You, my Savior and Lord.  Everything will be absolutely perfect; as I worship You and do Your bidding in eternity.  What a day that will be!  In Jesus Name.  Amen!


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