Be Reasonable


Devotion: Romans 12:1

Are there ever times in your life when God asks you to do one more thing?  That one more thing; seems like it might be the proverbial straw that will break your back, and maybe the camel’s too.  The Greek word for reasonable is logikos. (or logical)

You argue with God, “But I’ve already given so much.”  You hear back from the Lord; “To whom much is given; much is required.” Maybe not the exact words you wanted to hear.  Honestly, when you think of the incredible amount of mercy that’s been bestowed upon you; a full and complete sacrifice of our lives; is the only logical response we can make.

My friends, Chandler and Jamie Sharpe; have answered the call to go to Tanzania as full time missionaries.  They have three small children, ages four, two and one.  Through prayer, speaking to churches, visiting small groups and sending out news letters; this couple has been raising their support for about a year.  They are willing to do all the work it takes, to answer God’s call.

Jamie and Chandler have a healthy fear of the unknown; however, their faith in the One who has called them, is greater than all their fears.  It is their reasonable act of worship.

If there are times you want to cry out, Oh God, be reasonable! Remember, this verse.  Faithful is He who has called you.  He will accomplish all that concerns you.

The Sharpes have raised seventy five percent of their funding. Would you please pray they can be fully funded by August of this year?  Thank you for praying.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I want to always respond to You in view of your mercy. This is my reasonable act of worship.  I love You and I want to obey Your calling on my life.  Help me to adequately prepare to listen and to obey.  I love You Jesus.  It’s in Your  precious Name I offer up this prayer and for Your sake alone.  Amen


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