Sacrificial Altars


Devotion:  Genesis 22:9-14

Through out the Old Testament, God’s servants sacrificed animals on altars. The sacrifice of each animal was to cover the current sin in the lives of God’s people.  After Jesus came; there was no longer a need for animal sacrifice.  God’s Son made the ultimate sacrifice for all of man kind.  He gave His own life for you and for me.

Two of my favorite Old Testament characters are Abraham and Sarah.  God called them to leave their country and just go.  He didn’t tell the where to go, just told them to pack up and leave. They obeyed the Lord.  They journeyed for many years.  God had told Abraham to look up at the stars and see if he could count them.  That’s how many people would be part of his legacy.

                    NO CHILD WAS ON THE HORIZON

After Sarah was past her child bearing years;  she suggested Abraham go into her handmaiden; Hagar, in order to conceive. It seems a bit odd that when Hagar became pregnant, Sarah hated her.

An angel came to visit Abraham and told him that when he returned the following year; Sarah would be with child.  Sarah was listening to the conversation and laughed out loud.  It was physically impossible for her to bear a child.  Abraham was in his nineties.  The reproductive organs of these two human vessels were as good as dead.  Truth be told; you would have laughed out loud too!  A year later when the child was born, he was named Isaac which means laughter.

Fast forward a few  years and we see Abraham and Isaac headed up to Mount Moriah, to make a sacrifice to God.  Isaac was old enough to help carry the fire and the wood.  He was also smart enough to realize there was no animal coming with them. He asked his dad, where is the lamb?  His dad said, “God will provide, my son.”  Un-be-knownst to him; he was the sacrifice.

Sometimes God asks us to make sacrifices that are beyond our imaginations.  It’s hard to say yes because the sacrifice seems too great to fathom.  This was Abraham’s only begotten son, the one for whom he had waited and waited and waited.

Here’s the thing about Abraham.  He never questioned God.  He just did whatever His God asked Him to do.  He had already left His own country not knowing where he was going.  Now God was asking him to do the unthinkable.

Has God ever asked you to do the unthinkable?  Something beyond your ability or imagination?  He must trust that you will do it or He would not have asked you.

                                 JUST DO IT!

I can’t imagine the look on Isaac’s face when Abraham told him, you are the sacrificial lamb.  As his own beloved father drew back with a knife in his hand; Isaac must have closed his eyes, prepared to die.  However, the angel of the Lord came to stop the one he now knew would obey Him, no matter what.

 What do you need to lay on the sacrificial altar of God?  

Your Lord may or may not ask you to give it up.  But you must be willing to sacrifice that person or thing, that you love more than God. He wants nothing or no one to take His place.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, I bring ___________________ and place him/her/it on Your altar.  He/she/it belongs to You anyway.  I release him/her/it into Your very capable hands. I love You Lord and I trust You to do what is best.   You will accomplish what concerns me both now and forever.  Thank You Jesus!  In Your precious, powerful Name I pray.  Amen




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