Right Side Vantage Point


Devotion: Psalm 119:18

My husband and I were working together under the kitchen sink. I will attempt to set the stage for you.  He was resting on his back, pillow underneath his neck, while trying to lift and install a disposal.  My job was to hold the flashlight and guide the placement of this twenty five pound disposal.  At least it seemed to weigh that much, as he held it over his head.  I was to his left. He could not see over the base of the disposal, to place the metal notches into the above track.

The sink literally backs up to a corner cabinet, so there was no room for me to sit to his right.   Can I say; he had already been trying to install it without me and his level of patience had worn thin?

After we had been working about thirty minutes; Ben stated  that I was killing him. He had studied the directions and thoroughly understood the dynamics of proper installment.

                    His view was blocked, as was mine.  

Neither of us could see why this “should be simple task” was not working.  The discussion began to heat up; leading to what our friend Danny Benton calls “intense fellowship.”

Twenty five minutes into this project; Ben crawled out from under the sink; lowered the disposal in front of me and voila; we could see the problem.  Previously and from my “right side” vantage point; all I could see was a downward sloping piece of metal; which was never going to connect to the hook on the disposal. No matter where my husband placed the disposal; it was not going to: “just slide right in.”

As we gazed upon the disposal together; we could see to my previously hidden left, the metals would perfectly fit and with a simple twist; it certainly would, “just slide right in.”

Here we were on the floor; laughing our heads off.   Here’s the point of sharing this story.  Husbands and wives see things differently.  It all depends upon your vantage point.  How we see things depends upon our raising; our temperament, our mood, and even our quiet times with the Lord.

It’s hard to display the fruit of the Spirit when you are in such a moment, especially the element of self control.  It’s hard to give grace, grace, God’s grace.

Look at your mate through God’s vantage point, His Holy Spirit.

Ask God to open your eyes and enable you to exercise the same grace He has given to you; over and over again.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, may I look at my mate through Your vantage point.  Open my eyes Lord, to see him the way You see him.  He is Your gift to my life.  Help me to treasure him the way You treasure him.  In Jesus Name.  Amen



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