Who’s in Your Corner?


Devotion: Romans 4:17-18

I was watching one of many Make a Wish Foundation videos.  They get me every time.  These precious children are riddled with the disease we all hate:  CANCER.  Their days are consumed with weakness, pain or sickness from their treatments.

Too many parents have heard, Mom; Dad, Am I going to die? Will I lose my hair?  Will I be in pain? Then there are tears. Floods of tears.

And yet; the most amazing thing happens. Somewhere deep down inside; these kids become fighters….full of HOPE versus DEFEAT.  Where does that come from? Parents? Is it a God given gift?

Most of the Make a Wish videos involve the child meeting his or her hero.  Make a Wish grants the child his or her dream.  Normally; the children  want to meet a well known sports celebrity or an American idol; who is gifted in his or her musical ability.  It’s so kind of these celebrities to make a personal visit with a very sick little boy or girl.  The child is blessed and honored to have the person they idolize; appear right in front of them.  Cam Newton, Stephen Curry and many others have done this numerous times.

Celebrities are always busy training, performing or preparing for the next event; so it’s awesome to watch them give out hugs and encouragement to children they have never met before.  Giving of their time lets these kids know:

                    There is someone important in my corner.

It gives the Make a Wish kids hope and encouragement because someone special cares.

                               Who’s in your corner?  

Who longs to give you hope?  The celebrity of all celebrities:

                                   JESUS CHRIST

is the One who died in your place.  He offers peace that passes all understanding. He controls your past, present and future.  He will give you a hope that does not disappoint. He is for you and not against you.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, may I remember You are in my corner.  You are always with me.   You will never leave me nor forsake me.  I thank You Lord for your unselfish, unending love for me.  I pray for those children who have cancer.  Oh God be their hope.  In Jesus Name.  AMen


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