Running Water


Devotion: Isaiah 66:12-14

When we go to the sink to wash our hands or wash a few dishes; we take for granted there will be running water.

Opening the water bill for July; my husband immediately began to question how much I had been watering.  I have five containers of veggies and flowers on our patio.   Our normal hundred dollar water bill read $300.00.  I replied; “Certainly I did not water $300.00 worth.”  Oh my goodness, we had either been overcharged or we had sprung a leak.

Less than ten years ago; we had indeed sprung a leak in the copper pipes in our front yard.  Sure enough; Ben went out to dig up in the same spot he had previously dug.  There was water sizzling out of the ground.  This time; he was unable to repair the corroded pipes.

For the next few days we only turned the water on for a few minutes in the morning and long enough to bathe, wash dishes and clothes in the evening.

Ben’s administrative assistant’s husband is a plumber; so he came to our rescue on Saturday. Thankfully, Bobby was able to repair the damaged pipes; restoring running water at the Williams house. Oh happy day.

My heart truly did rejoice.  There’s a certain amount of peace that comes with knowing one has available, clean water.  It is absolutely necessary to live and thrive in this world.

Jesus calls Himself, Living Water.  Does He flow out of you; or have your pipes been corroded by the world; wasting what the Holy Spirit intended for you to use?  Ask the Lord to forgive you and restore your soul.

Prayer in Motion:

Jesus, may the Living Water flow out from my mouth; my actions and reactions.  I long to be water to a thirsty world.  In Jesus Name.  Amen





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