Secret Strength


Devotion:  Judges 13:5

Many people are to be admired for their outstanding accomplishments. What is the secret to their strength and success?  There was one man in the Bible whose strength was in his hair. God told him he was never to have his locks cut. Ever! His name was Sampson. He was one of the strongest, most successful men of his time.

He was able to kill lions and bears by the strength of his bare hands.  Talk about brawn.  The man could single handedly strong arm any man or animal; as long as he kept his locks.

Mr. Samson decided to go into the far country to find him a woman.  He began with a prostitute before his head was turned by a woman named Delilah.  His father and mother had begged him to look in his own land for a good wife; however Samson was determined to go to Timnah, where the Philistines dwelled. His weakness for women was about to take him down and ultimately out.  Read Judges 16 for the rest of the story. Whoever says the Bible is boring; certainly hasn’t read Judges16.

Delilah kept saying; “If you really love me. You will tell me the secret to your strength.”

                               “If you really love me.”

I’m wondering how many men and women have used this line to get what they want?  It is a manipulative and self serving statement to use this on any man or woman.

You see there was money involved; lots of money. Although it wasn’t her idea; Delilah jumped at the chance to make some real cash; not hard earned mind you, at the expense of “the one she supposedly loved.”  Delilah saw dollar signs! Consequently; she was willing to sell out Samson, for her own financial future.

    Delilah gained security; while Samson lost his strength                                     and ultimately his life.

Our strength comes from the Lord.  He is always there for you by the power and strength of the Holy Spirit.   In your weakest moments; He calls you to “be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.”  God’s Holy Spirit dwells within you and the good thing is:  You can cut or keep your hair.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, in my weakness, You are strong.  While I dwell in my earthly body; God may I not yield to temptation.  You are my strength and my shield every single minute of every single day.  I truly do love You LORD.  I will lift my eyes unto Your hills Lord. That’s where my strength comes from.  Thank You Lord.  In Jesus Name I offer up this prayer.  Amen






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