The Winds and the Waves


Devotion:  Matthew 8:26-27

Even the winds and the waves obey God’s will.  Hurricane “Hermine” is the newest raging storm; to hit the Florida coast.  The Eastern seaboard braced for her wrath. The weather channel showed their forecasters out braving the elements; wind blowing, waves lapping over guard rails. Daylight would reveal the storm’s damage thus far.

Clayton King in his book, “Broken”, begins with these words. “To be human is to be broken.  Bones break.  Hearts break.  Wills break.  Spirits break.  Waves break too…sometimes over us and sometimes against us.  Sometimes they break over and over again.  We are tiny creatures up against a vast and raging sea, often in over our heads  The day breaks too, but the nights can be so very long.”

Clayton’s words describe the human condition.   These words are true of the saved and the unsaved.  Believers have Jesus to walk beside them during the inevitable storms of life.  Non-believers do not.  Life can be hard; however, when you have the Lord Jesus in your life, He willingly calms the uncontrollable wind and waves that are trying to overtake you.  The question is:

           Are you listening and expecting Him to say,                                                  “Peace be still.”?

Although Jesus’ disciples had witnessed Him performing miracles; this was the first time they had seen Him calm a storm. Before we judge the disciples’ fear factor; picture yourself being in a boat, on a raging sea, barely able to stand up or hold on. Makes me shudder.

Here’s what the disciples failed to remember.  The God who created the storm was in their boat, with them.  They had forgotten:

                                  “God is with us.”  

When our circumstances are out of control; our fear factor increases and we forget the fact, God promised to “never leave us nor forsake us.”  He knows about our storms past, present and future.  He goes before us and walks beside of us.  God is in control.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, please forgive me for failing to remember You are with me. When life’s circumstances would try to blow away my joy and engulf me with raging fear; may I hear You say, “Peace be still.”  “I am with you always.”  In Jesus Name.  Amen



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