Sour Grapes


Devotion;  Jeremiah 31:29-30  

During this grape season; I’ve been craving muscadines.  Too bad…so sad…Why did my craving come a few weeks too late? Good muscadines are quite yummy; however the sour ones, are lip puckering, turn your mouth inside out, with their tartness.  It’s always by accident and never intentionally; that you pop one in your mouth.

I began to wonder where this saying came from.  One can google any thing about anything.  So here is what I found.

The term sour grapes means:

  • Pretending that one doesn’t want something, because one does not or cannot have it. (The expression originated in “The Fox and the Grapes,” one of Aesop‘s Fables)
  • An allusion to the line in Jeremiah (31:29) and Ezekiel (18:2) (KJV):
  • “The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s                              teeth are set on edge.”

What does this scripture mean?  The earthly father chooses to do or say things intentionally.  The children  are not responsible; nor do they have to pay for the wrong doings of their fathers. The grace of God is higher and wider than that.

        Each one has to pay for his own wrong doing.

Many a child has been ashamed of his or her earthly father’s bad habits or sins.  During their childhood; these kids would have people drop them off a mile or so away from their real home, so no one would know the “real truth” about their earthly daddy. These children longed for the relationship their friends had with their fathers.

Bad choices of earthly fathers, always affect their children; however, it never makes the children responsible for what the father has done.  It can take years for a  child to get over the sour grapes, intentionally eaten by his or her daddy.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I pray for those young children, as well as adult children, whose fathers chose to eat “sour grapes.”  Lord help these people break those chains; that produce deep roots of hurt and bitterness.  Restore the years the locusts have eaten.  In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen



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