The Spirit of Jesus Christ


Devotion:  Philippians 1:19

This is great news for all who are experiencing trials and tribulations.  Everything you are walking through right now; will turn out for your deliverance, through your prayer and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

The supply of God’s Spirit never runs out.  Morning by morning, you come to Him and beseech Him by His mercies that are brand new.  God wants you to ask on a daily basis for a fresh new infilling, an anointing if you will.

“Fill my cup Lord.  I lift it up Lord. Come and cleanse this thirsting of my soul  Bread of Heaven, feed me till I want no more.   Fill my cup. I lift it up and make me whole.”  This old hymn came pouring into my mind and heart.  The Giver of Life and Spirit wants to fill you daily.

Indwelling and infilling are two different things.  You can’t lose God’s Holy Spirit.  He dwells within you.  He will never leave us not forsake us.  You can offend Him, sin against Him, hurt Him; because He’s Holy and we are not.  He convicts us of our sin and draws us to Father God and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  He also encourages us when we are discouraged; strengthens us when we are weak and draws the lost to Himself.

Thank God for the gift of His Holy Spirit.  God says in His Word, “If I be lifted up; I will draw all men unto myself.”  When Christ died and rose again, He did not leave us comfortless.  He left us with His Holy Spirit.  Ask Him to fall freshly upon you today.  He will mold you, make you, use you and fill you.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, thank You for the gift of your Holy Spirit.  I am asking you to fall freshly upon me this day.  Spirit of the Living God, may I go about this day You have given me with rejoicing.  I love You Lord Jesus!  Amen.




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